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Shaping Regenerative Futures Worldwide.

Our Commitment
A sustainable, diverse & flourishing planet.

Our Mission
Our mission is to champion the adoption of advanced sustainable technology in rapidly evolving economies, catalyzing a global impact through collaboration for mutual growth. Specializing in the green tech and energy sectors, we serve as a bridge to culturally rich and economically ascending regions, dedicated to the empowerment and advancement of these dynamic markets.

Kairos & Fortuna Ventures GmbH
Kairos & Fortuna Ventures is at the forefront of connecting people, technology, and ecosystems across the globe. We are committed to a future where diverse cultures and the planet collectively thrive.

As a pioneering business development consultancy, our expertise lies in guiding companies within the green tech and energy sectors to thrive in the world's rapidly evolving economies, with a particular focus on the culturally rich and economically ascending regions around the globe.

We provide our partners with unparalleled access to these dynamic markets, brimming with transformative investment opportunities. Whether you are looking to make your mark in a specific locale or seeking to broaden your horizons across these vibrant regions, Kairos & Fortuna Ventures is your trusted ally.

We are here to support your journey towards achieving sustainable success and collaborative growth. Get in touch with us to discover how we can co-create your expansion story in these exciting, flourishing markets.

Sectors and technologies that excite us:

Industry 01
Waste Management & Recycling
Industry 02
Renewable Energy 
Industry 03
Smart Grids and Energy Systems
Industry 04
The Future
of Food
Industry 05
Industry 06
Sustainable Infrastructure

Our Services

Kairos & Fortuna Ventures provides comprehensive business development services tailored for the unique challenges and opportunities in rapidly evolving economies. Our approach is hands-on, assisting companies with strategic insights and action plans to enter, expand, and co-create within culturally rich and economically ascending regions. Our expertise encompasses market research, strategic partnerships, and navigating diverse regulatory landscapes, all aimed at facilitating collaborative growth and success.

Business Development

From market research about your market entry strategy to launching your business and opening your regional branch -  we build your success story.

Strategic Partner Acquisition

Entering the emerging markets needs strategic partners whom you trust. We find those partners for you and help you get acquainted with each other.

Intercultural Development

Entering the emerging markets means entering a different cultural area. We help you make this transition successfully and with integrity.

Our Core Team
We are a cross-disciplinary team with backgrounds and rich experience in business development, civil engineering, computer science, geoscience and natural resource management.

Our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to human and planetary flourishing unites us. Together we thrive and help thriving.  

Dr. Sohrab Noorsalehi-Garakani 

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​Technology Scouting
& Business Model Development

Sohrab Noorsalehi-Garakani is a multi-faceted business development consultant, with a focus on technology, business model development and strategic leadership.

With his intercultural background, his experience in scientific research, and a wide range of experience across industries, he integrates multiple perspectives in complex settings into one coherent narrative.

Sohrab holds a PhD in Geodynamics from the RWTH Aachen University and is an advocate of the empowerment of the next generation. 

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Vera Pluemer

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Strategic Partnerships
& Intercultural Development

Vera Pluemer is a strategy partnership and intercultural development consultant with a wealth of international experience and a focus on food innovations, waste & resource management and circular business models in emerging ecosystems.

As alumna of the United World College and Bard College, she brings a unique global perspective, having worked with a diverse range of cultures and teams in different countries around the globe.

Vera has a rich set of experience in multi-stakeholder municipal development from her work in climate change research for German government agencies.


Hadi AlAli

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Business Development
& Strategy

Hadi AlAli is an investment and business development consultant with 35+ years working for major corporations including AT&T, MCI Inc., Saudi Telecom, and Saudi Aramco, where he had led numerous projects exceeding $5B+ in value.

As Founder and Managing Director of F.N.T. CRONOS CONSULTANCY W.L.L. he has a strong network in KSA and the Gulf Cooperation Countries.


Mr. AlAli holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering from KFUPM in Dhahran, KSA and an MBA from Columbia University in New York.


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