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About Us

Kairos & Fortuna is a business consultancy with a regional focus on the Middle East. We look for trans-sectoral solutions in energy storage and distribution, waste management and resource recycling and regenerative agriculture. We don’t believe in problems but like to tackle challenges and believe that the future is bright for those ready to envision it.

Building Bridges To A Unique Region

Based in Germany, Austria and Bahrain, we span a global network between ambitious businesses, investors and start-ups. Our partners are people who are thrilled to work in one of the most dynamic regions in the world where it is understood that in order to thrive sustainably within planetary boundaries, we need to put nothing but our best to work.

Situated between established markets in Europe and emerging markets in Asia and Africa the Middle East is in an excellent position for taking advantage of technological development for building a sustainable future and become a showcase for what is possible when one dares to put goals into action.  

Ambitious Goals

Sustainability is more than a buzzword at Kairos & Fortuna. We believe in walking the talk and our consultants are sector specialists and passionate advocates for sustainable innovation. We seek out highly motivated teams who share our vision: net zero emissions and regenerative action for ecosystem preservation.

Our Clients

Our client base covers the full sustainability & green tech sector. Some of our clients are mature businesses that want to set up a branch or a project in the Middle East, while others are start-ups/scale-ups looking for strategic investment partners in the region.

Our Services

As a business we offer services from market entry support, strategic networking, investment consulting and inter-cultural marketing advisory.

Our Future

Our continued motivation is to be a driver for positive change and show that it is possible to thrive while not depleting our planet’s resources and polluting our environment. To increase our impact, we will keep growing our global network of innovators and collaborators willing to push the limits and show what can be possible.

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